Q: How do I book an event?

A: Contact us with your date and time, if the date is available we add you to our booking calendar

Q: Do you offer sample tastings before my event if I don't know what I want served?

A: Yes, we will schedule a sample tasting at your home or you can pick-up, select which dish or dessert you like. 

Q: How any samples do you make for the tasting?

A: Depending on the cuisine we will provide 2-3 samples dishes of the cuisine. Cakes and other bake goods we offer 4 small samples (for example 4 slices of different cake flavors)

Q: How do I pay for your services?

A: Cash or Venmo preferred (we share our business QR code with the invoices).

Q: How much are your services?

A: There are many factors in pricing, such as how many guests, which cuisine you choose.

Q: How much is the down payment for your services?

A: Down payment is 50% of the total cost of service to secure the date of the event, the remaining 50% upon delivery or pick-up.

Q: Do you offer bartending services with your catering?

A: Unfortunately we do not service alcohol in our catering service.

Q: How do I get a Invoice?

A: We send an invoice after the down payment is made, then again when the final payment made.

Q: Do you have a cancelation policy?

A: Yes, you have 90 days before your event to cancel and get a refund of the down payment.

Q: What if a guest has a food allergy?

A: We take food allergies very seriously, we do ask that if you know a guest/s has an allergy please let us know, we can adjust the menu to accommodate.

Q: How to I get in touch with you?

A: I'm always available by email or text, if I'm at an event I will contact a client as soon as I'm able to.

Q: Do you decorate the event (tables, chairs, etc.)?

A: Unfortunately we do not decorate the event.

Q: Do you have a permanent location?

A: We do not have a permanent location, we do use a license kitchen we rent. We do have clients that request we use their kitchens to insure freshness. Our administration office is located in Ottawa, Ks.

Q: Do you offer discounts or free services for influencers?

A: We do not offer discounts or free services.